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If you need to pipette large samples sets into 96- or 384-well plates then WellSpot is the app for you!

The process is prone to human errors, and samples ending up in the wrong positions in the plate are errors that are really hard to pin down later.

WellSpot will greatly reduce, and most of the time completely eliminate these errors.

WellSpot is an app for iPad. The iPad is placed horizontally on the bench top and the plate to be filled is placed on top inside a guide rectangle. WellSpot will call for one sample at a time by sample ID and illuminate the well where the sample should go from below. 

WellSpot supports both 96- and 384-well plates as well as sample sets that span more than one plate. Furthermore, it supports both right- and left-handed  pipetting.

For help on creating the .well file that WellSpot needs, go to the help section.

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WellSpot in action: